Are You Ready To Go?

We Accept:

  • Bed: You are more than welcome to bring a comfortable bed for your pet's relaxation.
  • Blanket: A familiar blanket can help your pet feel at home.
  • 2 Toys: Favorite toys for playtime.
  • Treats: Special snacks to reward good behavior.

Food Allowed:

  • Dry kibble, canned food, or specially made meals.
  • The original bag size should not exceed 15–20 lbs.
  • Alternatively, please use gallon, half-gallon, or sandwich-sized bags for food storage.


  • Sandwich meats, cheese, or other aids as needed.
  • Pill pockets or peanut butter for administering medications.


  • Pills, liquids, or injections. Please ensure all medication details are updated on your Petreserve profile.

We Do Not Accept:

  • Food containers of any type other than specified in the allowed section above.
  • Water and food bowls; we provide these, including slow feeders.
  • Crates, carriers, or any items deemed a choke hazard.